Wastewater Treatment

Our organization's modern wastewater treatment facility can address any commercial, industrial or institutional wastewater treatment need, including solid waste materials and water-based liquids. Our turnaround time for off-loading wastewater treatment materials is the fastest in the Canadian environmental services industry. We receive almost one million litres of industrial wastewater material at our wastewater treatment facility (the largest of its kind in the country) on a daily basis, where our unique processing capabilities and expertise meet the most stringent discharge limits. Our wastewater treatment services include:

Oily Water Disposal

As a waste management industry leader, our wastewater treatment experts will pick up, transport and safely dispose of your oily water. Our fleet of oily water disposal service vehicles (large and small vacuum trucks, tankers, and drum trucks) enable us to handle any unique need. We also clean out oil pits, oil/water separators, drains and other areas where oily material commonly collects. Our contemporary wastewater treatment facility allows us to manage a wide range of waste streams, including contaminated oils, wastewaters, alkaline or acidic liquids, oily waters and oily sludges. We ensure that our clients adhere to strict government standards by filling out all the necessary regulatory paperwork on their behalf, and providing them final manifest copies once an approved wastewater treatment facility has accepted their oily water waste. To learn more about our oily water disposal services, our other wastewater treatment services, or our transformer oil recycling services, give us a call.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Our company's industrial wastewater treatment service focuses on reducing a variety of Canadian industrial, commercial and institutional organization's production costs and liability. Our fleet of transportation service vehicles safely transports industrial wastewater from storage tanks and collection areas to our industrial wastewater treatment facility, the largest of its kind in Canada. Our industrial wastewater treatment process offers an innovative approach to industrial wastewater treatment that effectively meets the most stringent government and environmental wastewater discharge regulations. We treat both organic and inorganic wastewater so as to achieve appropriate industrial wastewater levels for reuse, disposal or by-product recovery such as high-quality oil. We offer industrial wastewater treatment for wastewater that is contaminated by inks, coolants, glycols, hydrocarbons, fuels, metals, oils, latex, solvents, grease, emulsifiers and many other types of contaminants. To learn more about our industrial wastewater treatment services, our other wastewater treatment services, or our transformer oil recycling services, give our friendly industrial wastewater team a call today.

Oil Recovery

Our state-of-the-art oil recovery facility collects used oil from wastewater, and pre-treats and refines the oil waste materials for recycling or resale in the Canadian market. Our oil recover process reduces waste, protects the environment, and saves our customers money by promoting the continued use of a non-renewable resource. We treat a variety of oils and oil contaminated materials from hydraulic oils, to motor oils, lubricating oils, contaminated oil and water, and industrial lubricants. Turn to Aevitas for proven and effective oil recovery services, and ask our experts about our other wastewater treatment services, and our transformer oil recycling services.

Waste Fuel Recycling

At Aevitas, our waste fuel recycling process involves a specially designed heat exchanger and heat recovery system that requires minimal power, produces a dry product with a high flash point, and effectively recovers diesel-like light fuels. Our waste fuel recycling process will completely evaporate free and emulsified water to meet water content requirements, recover diesel from waste fuel oil to produce a superior quality diesel product, and meet specific residual heavy fuel oil flash point limits. Should your industrial, institutional or commercial business require its heavy fuel oil, diesel fuel and water mixture to be recycled for reuse, then get in touch with us to learn more about our waste fuel recycling service. Feel free to ask about our other wastewater treatment services, and our transformer oil recycling services too.

Sludge / Solid Fixation

Our company offers reliable sludge / solid fixation services, a process which immobilizes contaminants from stabilized or conditioned sludge so that wastewater can be safely disposed of or reused. Our sludge / solid fixation services are applied to a variety of industrial processes from plating to oil refinery, and especially those industries that generate wastewater sludge containing high amounts of hazardous materials, chemicals and toxic compounds. Our sludge / solid fixation service not only sterilizes and converts wastewater contaminants to non-reactive, stable compounds, but also prevents harmful contaminants from leaching underground and potentially cause contamination to otherwise healthy underground water sources. Once our wastewater sludge / solid fixation treatment is complete, we safely transport stabilized waste for proper disposal. To learn how our sludge / solid fixation wastewater treatment process can aid your organization, give us a call and speak with one of our specialists. Feel free to ask us about our other wastewater treatment services, or our transformer oil recycling service.

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Inorganic & Organic Waste Treatment

We provide hydrocarbon contaminated inorganic and organic waste treatment services by transporting wastewater from your premises to our wastewater treatment facility in large or small loads. Our wastewater treatment facility operates in strict compliance with environmental and government regulations, and is focused on minimizing adverse operational impacts to the communities we serve. Our hydrocarbon contaminated inorganic and organic waste treatment practices are cost effective and customized to suit your specific application. For innovative hydrocarbon contaminated inorganic and organic waste treatment solutions that provide wastewater levels that meet government- approved discharge levels, contact Aevitas to learn just how we can assist you, and don't forget to ask about our other wastewater treatment services, and our transformer oil recycling services as well.

Acid / Caustic Neutralization

Our company provides acid / caustic neutralization services to treat and dispose of acidic and caustic materials like nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite, peracetic acid, caustic soda, phosphoric acid and others. Our pH neutralizing system raises or lowers an acidic or caustic material's pH level back to a neutral state, and effectively filters out such contaminants as salts and process metals. A dilution stage is then executed to further neutralize the filtered material to an appropriate condition. Our acid / caustic neutralization services can be used for plating acid neutralization, suspended metal extraction, laboratory waste water, recovery, semiconductor post cleaning, etching and more. Give us a call to learn more about our acid / caustic neutralization services, our other wastewater treatment services, or our transformer oil recycling services.

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