Transformer Oil Supply

Aevitas is a leading specialist in providing new quality recycled insulating oil to manufacturers, electrical service companies and electrical utilities across Canada. Aevitas is able to meet any demand including providing new insulating oil, new quality recycled oil, supercharged inhibited oil and silicone fluid. The transformer oil products we offer, in pails, drums, totes or bulk delivery, are:

  • MODEF60 mineral insulating oil
  • New insulating oil (paraffinic or naphthenic based)
  • Supercharged inhibited transformer oil
  • Silicone transformer fluid

Our MODEF60 transformer insulating oil is a napthenic based and recycled to new quality. MODEF60 meets and exceeds existing ASTM quality standards and can be shipped throughout Canada. Our ability to supply and deliver by tanker or in various containers sizes meets virtually every customer requirement, from top-up to refill. MODEF60 can be supplied in either Type I or Type II (inhibited) formulations.

Transformer oil's primary functions are to insulate and cool a transformer. Therefore, it must have high dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, and chemical stability, and must keep these properties when held at high temperatures for extended periods. The following chart illustrates how our MODEF60 meets or exceeds the ATSM standards:

In addition to supplying high quality insulation oil our highly trained on-site technicians can provide a full spectrum of services to help maintain your transformer fluids including degasification, vacuum filling, sampling and draining. We also provide a turn-key retrofilling service to reduce PCB levels.

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