Transformer Services

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Aevitas provides a full spectrum of on-site transformer oil replacement services. Our fleet of specialized equipment and vehicles is unparalleled in today’s marketplace. Our process trailers are fully equipped so we can access any area at any time, no matter how remote, and operate completely self-sufficiently. Our transformer services include:

Transformer Oil Draining

Not only do we safely drain the oil from the transformer but we include complete environmental protection at the same time. Our technicians are fully trained on minimizing spills, spill clean-up and hazard assessment. Before we start our technicians will perform an assessment of the project and set up a complete containment area. In the unlikely event of a release, the oil will be completely contained without any impact on your business or the environment.

Transformer Degasification

On-site degasification removes harmful gasses and water from transformer oil. This is an essential aspect of transformer maintenance since moisture within a transformer will greatly decrease the dielectric strength of the oil, and lead to potential paper degradation which puts the transformer at risk of failure. The removal of harmful gasses from the oil will also help to prolong the life of a transformer by keeping the oil’s insulating properties at the highest level.

Transformer Retro-filling

Retro-filling the oil in a transformer is a great way of reducing PCB contamination. During our company’s PCB transformer retro-fill process, transformer oil is drained from your transformer, then it is flushed and refilled with new insulating oil. During the refilling stage our company will degasify the oil and vacuum fill the equipment. Flushing the equipment is critical to the process in order to eliminate internal surfaces of PCB contaminants, and to remove sludge build-up from the transformer. We can use your oil, or provide insulating oil that meets the demands of your unique application. Our transformer site service experts can help you choose the best transformer oil for your needs: naphthenic based or new paraffinic oil, silicone fluid, or new MODEF 60 transformer oil. To learn more about our MODEF60 transformer oil, please visit:

Temporary Transformer Oil Storage

For customers with long term transformer oil storage issues, our company's 700,000 litre capacity transformer oil tank farm can help. Our transformer oil tank farm is concrete contained and was built on a geosynthetic membrane to eliminate any potential environmental risk. All pumping to and from our transformer oil tank farm is conducted within our self-contained Quonset hut.

Transformer Dismantling

We offer our Canadian commercial, industrial and institutional clients transformer dismantling services that save them the hassle of removing and recycling their unused or unwanted transformers themselves. Our dependable and secure transformer dismantling services are ideal for small and large size transformers.

Transformer Oil Transportation

Our company’s fleet of transformer oil tankers and trucks will safely transport any quantity of bulk or containerized transformer oil to or from your facility.

Transformer Oil Sampling & Analysis

An important part of any transformer maintenance program is the routine sampling and analysis of transformer oil. At Aevitas our knowledgeable site service technicians are trained in transformer oil sampling.

Transformer Vacuum Filling

Our experience and expertise in vacuum filling is beyond compare. As most medium to large power transformers are shipped without oil they must be vacuum filled with oil at the time of installation in accordance to manufacturers’ specifications. Our process trailers are all equipped with degasification units, vacuum systems, and on-board generators so we can operate self-sufficiently. Trailers are also equipped with: “Dielectric Test Sets” to monitor the quality of the oil as it is being processed; and “Dew Point Analyzers” to measure existing moisture levels within empty transformers.

On-Site Tank Storage

Many routine transformer maintenance procedures involve temporarily lowering the oil level, or sometimes even draining the entire transformer completely. Aevitas can provide temporary tanker storage for this oil, so maintenance work can be completed on the transformer safely and with full environmental protection.

Aevitas is a leading specialist in providing new quality recycled insulating oil to manufacturers, electrical service companies and electrical utilities across Canada. We also provide new insulating oil and silicone fluids. Call Aevitas when you need your next oil change or to reduce the PCB levels in your transformer. We are here to help.

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